EYE IN THE SKY improves your safety, business margins, profitability and pilot performance

  • NZ CAA STC Certification awarded 2020, FAA and EASA Certification – Underway
  • The Eye In the Sky wide-angle lens captures your cockpit view in HD
  • Your Cockpit audio, intercom, and radio is recorded for 100% post-flight clarity
  • Our specially designed & hardened memory SD card records approximately 22 hours of HD video
  • Eye in the Sky audio, video, and data recording starts automatically when you  turn the aircraft power ON
  • Our custom-made aviation-certified inbuilt battery keeps recording after the power goes OFF.
  • The 'Eye in the Sky' GPS provides data and on aircraft speed, heading, altitude, and position.
  • The 'Eye in the Sky' camera has inbuilt accelerometers to provide you with vital pitch, roll, and yaw information.
  • The 'Eye in the Sky' tamper-proof SD card housing requires a special key to access the card for review.


Increased Profit & Margins With 'EYE IN THE SKY'

  • Accelerate pilot training by providing evidence via recorded flights, getting your trainee pilots into profitable action faster
  • Reduce expensive over diagnosis by your engineers of potential problems by reviewing HD clear on-board evidence
  • Ensure a reduced risk profile reducing insurance costs
  • Identify causes for accidents to prevent re-occurrence
  • Get audio evidence and HD video evidence to ensure your aircraft and pilot are safe and working well.

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