• High Definition Video
  • Camera Wide Angle lens
  • High Camera Frame rate
  • Ambient Cockpit Audio Capture
  • Pilot and Passenger Audio
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Pitch, Roll, Yaw accelerometers
  • Tamper-resistant storage
  • Removable Storage (optional upgrades available)
  • Image and Audio time captured (approx. 22 hrs standard)
  • Aviation certified back up battery
  • Aviation Certified with STC issued
  • Impressive user friendly playback software
  • User Manual
  • Recommended policies and procedures

Meet your Operational Specifications


Eye In The Sky Cockpit Video, Audio & Flight Data Recorder meets the Helicopter Support Services requirements for Forestry Services US  in regards to section B.7(b)(5)(vi) Helicopter Avionics, as an Acceptable choice for operators in October 2022.  

Complies with US 14 CFR 135.607 for Helicopter Air Ambulance equipment requirements for  Flight Data Monitoring Systems.

The features of the Eye In The Sky more than meet the FENZ and DOC mandate for aircraft carrying out their work to be fitted with an aviation-certified recording device from November 2021  - FENZ “Operational Service Specifications - Use of Aircraft’” AST1201. Section 5.1.1



Camera Specifications

Image Resolution: High Definition Video (1280*720p)  

Image Sensor: AR0330 Wide-Dynamic-Range (WDR, 72.4dB)  

Image Frame Rate: 30 Frames per Second  

Lens M12 mount: 2.1mm, 1/2.5”, 5MP 


General Specifications  

Input Supply Voltage: 11-33V DC  

Input Supply Current: 1.0A maximum @11V  

Weight: 135 grams (4.76 ounces)  

Dimensions:  80 x 61.5 x 39 mm, 3.15 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches  

Start-up time (Cold start):  no more than 30 seconds  

Operating Temperature: Minus 10 to 55 plus degrees C (14-131 degrees F)

Colour: Black or Orange 


Storage Capacity (Micro SD)  

512GB (Supplied with Eye In the Sky): 22 hours (approx.) before rolling and writing over  

1TB: 40 hours approx.  

2TB: 88 hours approx.

5TB: 220 hours approx.


Back-Up Battery Specifications  

Battery Type: Lithium-iron phosphate 14500 single cell  

Battery Voltage: 3.2V with over voltage protection  

Battery Capacity: 500mAn  

Run time after power loss: Approximately 2 minutes 


Night Vision Specifications 

Power Level: DC power - 1mW

Lux Output: 200-300 lux 

Chromosity: > u’ = 0.081, v’ = 0.578 

Light Wave Length: -> Dominant 

Wavelength: 538 nm 

Brightness: > Roughly 200-300 lux 


Audio Specifications  

Audio Input Channels 3 channels: pilot & radios, intercom, and ambient sound  

Audio Sampling Rate/ Resolution: 48KHz/ 16-bit  

Ambient Input Frequency Range: 100Hz - 10KHz  

Cockpit Audio Line-in Frequency Range: 10Hz - 20KHz


GNSS Specifications 

GNSS Receiver Type: 72-channel u-blox M8 engine

GNSS Update Rate: 4 Hz 

GNSS TTFF (Cold start): 26 s (GPS & GLONASS) 

Signal Reacquisition (Warm start): 1 s (GPS & GLONASS) 

GNSS Accuracy: 2.5m CEP, 5.0m SEP 

GNSS Dynamics: <= 4g 

Antenna Frequency: 1575.42/1561.09/1602 ±3MHz 

Polarization: Right-handed polarization (RHCP) 

Antenna Dimensions: 55 x 50 x 17 mm, 2.17 x 1.97 x 0.67 inches with 0.5m cable 


Linear Accelerometers 

Sense Axis: X, Y, Z 

Sense Range: +/- 16 g 

Sample Resolution:  0.0005 g, 0.012g or better 

Sample Rate: 10Hz 


Recorded Parameters  

Latitude degrees:                             1Hz        1 10^-6 deg  

Longitude degrees:                          1Hz        1 10^-6 deg  

Altitude (GNSS) feet:                        1Hz        1 ft  

Groundspeed (GNSS) knots:           1Hz        0.01  

Heading (GNSS) degrees:                1Hz        0.01

X/Y/Z Acceleration G forces:           4Hz        0.001 g

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