• Following a floatplane accident in sydney in 2017 the civil aviation safety authority of australia (casa) have considered mandating the fitment of onboard recording devices such as eye in the sky for all passenger carrying aircraft with a maximum take off weight of 5700kg or below

    January 29,2021

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  • Eye in the sky awarded nz STC

    14 January 2021


    Eye In The Sky – Flight Data Recorder - achieves New Zealand Civil Aviation certification



    The Eye In The Sky has become the first to achieve an AML STC (Approved Model List – Supplemental Type Certificate) in New Zealand.


    This is a single STC that can be used across multiple helicopter types; initially the helicopters listed are EC130, AS350 and R44 with further aircraft types being added early 2021


    Utilising New Zealand Manufacturers, the Eye in the Sky is the most cost-effective fully certified Aviation Flight Data Recorder available.


    The small yet powerful device is an all-in-one unit consisting of a forward facing HD camera mounted within the aircraft cabin, the device records a 160 degree HD image of the pilot control inputs, the view out the front window and importantly, flight data captured from the instrument cluster.


    It will record speed, altitude and GPS position as well as pitch, roll and yaw data to aid the flight review process. Three audio channels capture pilot & radio, passenger and ambient cockpit audio.


    All data is securely stored on an SD card within a tamper proof housing, capturing 22 hours of the aircrafts latest video, audio and flight data.

    User friendly Eye In the Sky software allows easy playback and review of the footage.


    Louisa (Choppy) Patterson, an aviation veteran of some 45 years and a Queenstown based air tour operator, developed the device after her son, James Patterson-Gardner, was killed when the Robinson R44 helicopter he was a passenger in broke up in flight. The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) investigated the accident but was unable to determine a primary cause stating that had the aircraft been fitted with a cockpit video recording device, some answers may have been determined.


    Louisa is “delighted that the hard work of all involved brought the vision of this Safety device to an approved reality. She commends her Eye In The Sky crew, the local manufacturers, the Airwork Part 148 Certification team and the Civil Aviation Authority.”

    She says - “This Eye In the Sky will raise the overall aviation safety bar, close occurrences, answer intermittent engineering faults, improve training and provide answers in the event of an accident.”

    Sale Proceeds from the Eye in the Sky go to the James PG Foundation, a registered charitable trust, established in James’ memory to provide opportunities to the youth of New Zealand to reach their full potential.


    “The Eye In The Sky will tell you why”


    To find out information on the device please contact

    Louisa Patterson Owner & Product Developer

    Eye In The Sky

    E: louisa@eyeinthesky.co.nz

    P: (+64) 21 337 888

    W: www.eyeinthesky.co.nz



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