The EITS must be installed by a LAME and is a hardwired, permanent installation.

The Eye in the Sky data can only be accessed by removing the SD card.

The operator remains the owner of the data. Eye in the Sky or any other entity does not have access to your data.

In the event of an air accident, cockpit recorder data may be used by TAIC (New Zealand) for the purpose of investigation. This data is protected from prosecution under the TAIC act. For countries outside of NZ, please check with your local jurisdiction.

The EITS is fitted with a 512GB SD card which stores approximately 22 hours of video, audio and data. 1TB cards are available which store approximately 44 hours of video, audio and data. Once a card fills up, it will automatically be overwritten, starting with the oldest data.

No, the Eye In The Sky is a one-off purchase with no hidden costs.

Included with the EITS is a custom made software application which makes playback of the data quick and easy.

Eye In The Sky is available in Black or Aviation Orange

FENZ and DOC (New Zealand) require operators to hold data for a minimum period of 3 months. Other than this requirement, operators should decide how far they would like to be able to look back and decide from there.

Not all devices are created equal. Many flight data recorders have no video. Some cockpit video recorders have no audio and/or limited storage capacity. Some are a series of photographs rather than HD video. Check the specifications of your device and contact us directly for a full comparison.

The EITS starts recording when aircraft power is turned on until 2 minutes after aircraft power is shut off. It cannot be turned off.

As the EITS has no transmitting function it has very low EMI and will not interfere with other systems.

The EITS does not transmit data so it cannot be used for ‘live’ tracking. However, the aircraft track can be reviewed in great detail post flight.

FENZ and DOC (New Zealand) are willing for operators to increase hourly rate to re-coup the cost of acquisition.
The Eye In The Sky will also save you money by identifying intermittent aircraft faults quickly, enabling desk-top training exercises and route briefings without the need to fly and providing evidence to close occurrences quickly and effectively.

Initially the EITS is certified under an AML STC in New Zealand and Australia for a range of Part 27 Rotorcraft, see www.eyeinthesky.co.nz for details. Part 29 Rotorcraft are to follow in the first half of 2021.
The EITS can also be installed as a local mod in many jurisdictions, check with your local LAME for more information.

The EITS has a New Zealand CAA AML STC which is recognised in NZ and Australia. FAA, TC and EASA certification will follow.

The SD card is contained within a tamper-proof housing. An access tool (supplied) is required to open and remove the card. The SD card is then inserted into a PC for playback using the EITS software application (supplied).

There is a tool within the playback software that allows the image to be adjusted depending on brightness etc.

These are not aviation approved devices so cannot be installed in aircraft, do not interface with the aircraft audio panel and also lack the features and playback ability of the EITS. The EITS is a certified aircraft cockpit video, audio and data flight recorder.

Any high quality SD card can be used. i.e. Samsung EVO, Sandisk Extreme Pro. Using lower quality cards will compromise recording reliability and risk corruption of data. We recommend 512GB or greater.

The EITS must be installed by a LAME with reference to the STC documentation provided. Installation time varies depending on type but is typically between 8-12 hours.

The Eye In The Sky is currently in use by multiple operators in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Japan.

Go to www.eyeinthesky.co.nz

The Eye In The Sky come with an audio isolator unit, GNSS antenna, mounting bracket, hardware, connectors, USB cable, card reader, access tool and Form 1. STC document pack, user guide and software application are provided electronically.

We have a limited number of kits available in stock to ship now. Further stock will be arriving throughout the year. We suggest you secure your Eye In The Sky as soon as possible by contacting us [email protected]

The EITS is encased in thermally resistant plastic and the SD card is housed within a protective cover. In the event of the unit being destroyed the data is still, in many cases recoverable, only extreme fire will likely damage the data.

As we are constantly working to add additional types, please contact us directly [email protected]
The EITS can also be installed as a local mod in many jurisdictions, check with your local LAME for more information.

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