Why Eye In The Sky?

Capture HD video and audio evidence to confirm your aircraft and pilot are safe, and working to industry standards.

The Eye in the Sky team have consulted and worked with company owners, experienced pilots and aircraft design and maintenance engineers to create a tool that will keep your pilots safe, your fleet working to optimum, and will cut your operational costs, all for less than half the cost of the competition. 





  1. The Eye In the Sky wide-angle lens captures your cockpit view in High Definition.
  2. Your Cockpit audio, intercom, and radio are recorded for 100% post-flight clarity.
  3. Eye in the Sky audio, video, and data recording starts automatically when you turn the aircraft power ON.
  4. Our custom-made aviation-certified inbuilt battery keeps recording after the power goes OFF.



  1. The 'Eye in the Sky' GPS provides data and on aircraft speed, heading, altitude, and position.
  2. Inbuilt accelerometers to provide you with vital pitch, roll, and yaw information.
  3. The 'Eye in the Sky' tamper-proof SD card housing requires a special key to access the card for review.
  4. Easy to view and download the flight data using the Eye in the Sky software application.



  1. Review footage of your air operations and air crew, instruments, engine parameters, and maintenance anomalies.
  2. Exonerate Pilots
  3. Identify intermittent faults
  4. De-brief crew after training



  1. Ensure that your aircraft is operating to optimum performance by being able to review engine and instrument parameters.
  2. Verify that your pilots and crew are following procedures and flying safely.
  3. Eye In The Sky evidence backs up the pilot's testimony on occurrences.
  4. Critical video, audio and data enables fast and accurate accident investigation, invaluable information is learnt by having hard evidence of an accident sequence.


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