Cockpit Video, Audio & Flight Data Recorder

The #1 Safety & Performance Tool for the Aviation Industry

Installing a Video Audio Data Recorder in your aircraft helps prevent accidents, improves pilot skills, and drastically reduces operational and diagnostic expenses. The small but powerful device is the likely most sort after piece of equipment this year.

Available in Black or Aviation Orange.

Effectively close occurrences and support pilot testimony
Analyse intermittent in-flight faults allowing rapid diagnosis.
Provide desktop briefings for pilot training - saving on real flight time.

Assist crew competency checks on varying routes.


Comply with contractual requirements for FDR’s.
Enhance company Safety Management Systems
Identify cause of accident to prevent re-occurrence.
Raise the Aviation Safety bar.

Cockpit Video Recorders installed in helicopters are recommended by

NTSB (National Transport Safety Bureau) - USA
TSB (Transportation Safety Board) - Canada

ATSB (Australian Transport Safety Bureau) - Australia

TAIC (Transport Accident Investigation Commission) - New Zealand


NZ CAA STC Certification awarded 2020 Together with STC with approved brackets for AS350, MD500, Bell 206, EC130B4/T2 & R44

Proudly Made In New Zealand


FAA and EASA Certification is Underway

Benefits of 'EYE IN THE SKY' Cockpit Video Audio Data Recorder

Ensure your aircraft is operating at optimum to reduce risk to pilots and passengers.

Ensure your pilot is following his flight path to ensure a safe outcome every time.

Ensure pilot-to-engineer reporting is thorough to avoid human miscalculations.

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