Learn how the Eye in the Sky helps prevent accidents, improves pilot skill and drastically reduces operational and diagnostic expense.

The Eye In The Sky will quickly 

Close occurrences and exonerate the pilot.

Analyse Intermittent in-flight faults – allowing the Engineer rapid repair.

Provide desktop briefings for pilot training, saving on real flight time.

Assist Crew Competency Checks on varying routes.

Enhance company SMS and raise Aviation’s Safety bar.


Operational Cost Reduction

Finally have a system that supports 100% clarity with pilot-to-engineer communication to save on excessive and costly diagnostic investigations and analysis.


Pilot Optimisation

Ensure pilot flight plans are managed professionally and expenses are mitigated with easy to review high quality footage that can show you human and machine performance.



Improve pilot performance and receive supporting 'near miss' evidence to avoid legal repercussions with superior onboard audio and video recording, easily retro-fitted to your fleet


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