• The #1 Safety & Performance Super Tool for the Aviation Industry

    Learn how the 'Eye in the Sky' recording device helps prevent accidents, improves pilot skill and drastically reduces operational and diagnostic expense


    The Eye in the Sky team have consulted and worked with company owners and lifetime pilots to create a super tool that will keep your pilots safe, your fleet working to optimum, and will slash your operational costs, all for less than half the cost of the competition!


    Improve pilot performance and receive supporting 'near miss' evidence to avoid legal repercussions with superior onboard audio and video recording, easily retro-fitted to your fleet.

    Pilot Optimisation

    Ensure pilot flight plans are managed professionally and expenses are mitigated with easy to review high quality footage that can show you human and machine performance.

    Operational Cost Reduction

    Finally have a system that supports 100% clarity with pilot-to-engineer communication to save on excessive and costly diagnostic investigations and analysis.


    Product Information

    Aircraft Video, Audio & Data Recording Device


    • The 'Eye In the Sky' Wide angle lens captures your cockpit view in HD
    • Your Cockpit audio, intercom and radio is recorded for 100% post-flight clarity
    • Our specially designed & hardened memory SD card records over 40 hours of HD video 
    • 'Eye in the Sky' audio and video recording starts automatically when you simply turn the aircraft power ON
    • Our custom inbuilt battery backup for the 'Eye in the Sky' camera keeps recording after the power goes OFF.
    • The 'Eye in the Sky' GPS provides data and reporting on your speed, altitude and position.
    • The 'Eye in the Sky' camera has inbuilt accelerometers to provide you with vital pitch, roll and yaw information.
    • The 'Eye in the Sky' tamper proof SD card housing requires special key to access card for review.
    • CAA - STC pending


    • Ensure aircraft is operating at optimum to reduce risk to pilots and passengers
    • Capture HD video and audio evidence to confirm your aircraft and pilot are safe, and working to industry standards
    • Receive ‘near-miss’ evidence to support any safety issues, and occurrences during flight
    • Verify pilot-to-engineer reporting is thorough to avoid human misinterpretation
    • Identify causes for accidents to prevent re-occurrence
    • Verify your pilot is following their flight path to assure a safe outcome every time
  • The Worlds #1 Safety & Optimisation Super Tool for the Aviation Industry

    EYE IN THE SKY is available to Order now with a very special launch offer.


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    How EYE IN THE SKY improves your safety, business margins, profitability and pilot performance

    Safety Benefits of 'EYE IN THE SKY'

    • Ensure your aircraft is operating at optimum to reduce risk to pilots and passengers
    • Ensure your pilot is following his flight path to ensure a safe outcome every time
    • Get audio evidence and HD video evidence to ensure even in bad weather your aircraft and pilot are safe and working well 
    • Receive 'near-miss' evidence to support any safety issues during flight with other aircraft
    • Ensure pilot-to-engineer reporting is thorough to avoid human miscalculations

    Increased Profit & Margins With 'EYE IN THE SKY'

    • Accelerate pilot training by providing evidence via recorded flights, getting your trainee pilots in to profitable action faster
    • Reduce expensive over diagnosis by your engineers of potential problems by reviewing HD clear on-board evidence
    • Ensure a reduced risk profile reducing insurance costs
  • EYE IN THE SKY is available to Order now.

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